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     旋轉磁場井式系列磁粉探傷機 >> XJD-A型旋轉磁場井式多功能探傷機(多種規格系列) >> XJD-A型旋轉磁場井式多功能探傷機
    產品名稱: XJD-A型旋轉磁場井式多功能探傷機 適用范圍:
    規  格: XJD-A 產品類別: 旋轉磁場井式系列磁粉探傷機



    適用于各種復雜形狀鐵磁性工件的磁粉探傷,如鐵路機車車輛車鉤鉤體、鉤舌、軸箱體、安裝座、齒輪 、齒輪支架、叉形接頭等等形狀復雜的鑄造、鍛造件的磁粉探傷


    1.   采用自主知識產權的旋轉磁場磁化技術對探傷零件非接觸磁化,滿足復雜形狀零件探傷需要,檢測可靠,效率高

    2.   探傷零件垂直吊掛,不須摘除吊具即可探傷,減少了裝卡工序,操作簡便效率高

    3.   磁化電流由可控硅調壓模塊控制,電流大小可根據檢測的需要隨時調整

    4.   采用熒光磁粉探傷,磁痕對比度更高

    5.   PLC程序控制噴淋與磁化過程,減少影響探傷的人為因素,操作簡單

    6.   采用原位衰減退磁技術,剩磁小

    7.   磁化裝置立放,外觀簡潔占地面積小,磁懸液垂直回流損失少

    8.   磁化方式:旋轉磁場

    9.   磁化峰值電流:0-2500A連續可調

    10. 井口尺寸:300×300,395×175,400×400,500×350,660×620,750×750,800×600,900×700,1200×600,1200×700,1250×500,1350×970mm等等,可特殊訂制

    11. 磁化裝置中心空載磁場強度:≥2400A/m

    12. 檢測靈敏度:清晰顯示A1型標準試片15/50的人工缺陷

    13. 剩磁:小于0.3mT



    XJD-A Rotatory Magnetic Field Pit-Shape Multi-function Detector


    Applicable scope

    Suitable for all kinds of complicated shape of ferromagnetic workpiece magnetic particle inspection,

    Such as railway locomotive vehicle couplers , coupler knuckle , axle box body, installation, gear,  fork joint and so on complex shape of magnetic particle inspection of casting and forging parts

    Features and Technical parameters

    1.        Adopt to the independent intellectual property rights of rotating magnetic field non-contact magnetization, magnetic field distribution more uniform, use and reliable

    2.        Testing parts hang vertically, so it can test without removing the spreader, reducing the chucking process, it is really easy and efficient to operate;

    3.        Magnetizing current controlled by SCR module of voltage regulation, current can be adjusted at any time according to the need of the inspection

    4.        Using fluorescent magnetic powder detecting, magnetic marks have higher contrast ratio;

    5.        PLC program control spray and magnetization process, which reduce the impact of human factors testing;

    6.        Adopting the attenuation demagnetization in situ, it is easy to operate and have a small remanence;

    7.   Magnetizing device vertically, appearance is concise and cover an area of an area small, less magnetic suspension vertical flow loss

    8.   Magnetization mode: Rotating Magnetic Field

    9.        The current of magnetization: 0-2500A  continuously adjustable

    10. Wellhead size: 300×300,395×175,400×400,500×350,660×620,750×750,800×600,900×700,1200×600,1200×700,1250×500,1350×970mm,etc.Can be customized

    11.    The central magnetic field strength of the magnetized device: ≥2400A/m

    12.    Detecting sensitivity: Clearly displays the artificial faults of A1 standard test piece 1550;

    13.    Residual Field: ≤0.3mT


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